From the Brothers Grimm


Films in the "From the Brothers Grimm" series have won...

American Library Association -- Carnegie Medal * First Prize: Best live-action film - International Festival of Childrens' Films * First Prize: Best film for young adults -- The New York Film and Video Festival * The Parent's Choice -- Gold Seal Award * New England Childrens' Film Video Festival -- Best Feature * American Library Association -- Selected Film for Young Adults * Chicago International Childrens Film Festival -- Best of Festival * International Film Festival of New York -- Jurors Award * National Educational Film Festival -- Golden Apple Award * Sinking Creek Film Festival -- Jurors Award * Houston International Film Festival -- Red Ribbon * CINE -- Golden Eagle Award * Washington DC Film Festival -- Rosebud Best Dramatic Film * International Film & TV Festival of New York -- First Place Children's Shorts * American Video Conference Awards (AFI) -- First Place Best Short Fiction * American Library Association -- Notable Film for Young Adults * American Film Festival -- Blue Ribbon * Birmingham International Film Festival -- First Place Language Arts * Houston Film Festival -- First Place Gold Award * National Educational Film Festival -- Silver Apple * Sinking Creek Film Festival -- Judges Cash Award * Philadelphia Film Festival -- Silver Medal; Gold medal in Cinematography * First Prize: Best Short Fiction -- The American Film Institute and Billboard Magazine * Chicago International Childrens' Film Festival -- Best of Festival.

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